27 abr 2012

The spice of life...

I constantly ask myself, about the who's, the why's and the when's. The problem is not to not know the answers, but to drawn in them without recovering the hope.

In times of uncertainty you keep questioning yourself and no matter how long the answers delay to arrive, the value is to live the process of questioning with joy and happiness.

The scenery is maybe not clear yet, but the picture clearly captured on our mind, even without faces, or specificity, is already figured. At this point the most reasonable guess is just to believe. This kind of state of mind, bring us joy and leads us to conquer that spicy word called “passion”.
We constantly forget about it, we even live without considering as a must in our daily vocabulary.

The lesson I have learned through time, is that passion spices our moments, every single moment of the day, the passion that is fed by hope and faith.
The path to our dreams begins with the journey that seeks the right answers, which will eventually arrive; in the meantime the spice of passion will complete our world.